Santee School District Testimonial:
“I interviewed three consultants for our strategic planning process prior to hiring the REDi Group.  We knew we needed a different strategic planning process than we used prior to LCAP development and REDi absolutely delivered on this need.  Our District focus group was thoroughly engaged in the work and provided meaningful feedback to move forward with a new District vision, mission, and graduate profile.  I feel very fortunate that we found the right consultant for our school district.”
Dr. Kristin Baranski
Santee School District

Lakeside School District
“We worked with REDi to develop a vision statement and Student Profile. The process was amazing from beginning to end! The consultant used a well-planned, collaborative approach that was adapted to our district needs. Our
Board of Trustees, staff, parents, and cabinet are very happy with the outcome. Lakeside’s new Vision and Student Profile are driving all of our work this year and our direction is clear.”

Thank you REDi and Dr. Lovely!
Dr. Andy Johnson
Lakeside Union School District

Del Mar Union School District
“As our consultant, REDi brought excitement and energy around the work of education to our strategic planning in Del Mar! The consultant quickly dove in and created a cohesive team approach. Throughout our process, valuable perspectives were provided that represented REDi’s experience working in a number of districts and positions. We benefited from the consultant’s ability to weave the thinking and ideas from many different people into a robust plan to revolutionize the traditional school system to better prepare today’s students.”
Holly McClurg Ed.d
Superintendent, Del Mar Union School District