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Our complex world demands an agile education system. There is an insistent call for a system that readily adapts to the way students learn and teachers teach, as well as guides students to find their place in today’s world of work. To this end, REDi co‑creates bold ideas with education leaders, energizes teams to engage dynamic solutions, and provides research that accelerates the evolution of learning.


Scott Himelstein


Founder & President Scott’s work over the past three decades is committed to fostering a better linkage between educational research, policymaking, and practice. He is a Physical Security Specialist and graduate of the U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Physical Security Program. Scott was also former Commissioner of the California Department of Justice Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission and Director of The Center for Education Policy and Law at the University of San Diego

We Believe

  • Big ideas energize teams
  • In embracing the possibilities in change
  • In the co‑creation of solutions
  • In the evolution of education
  • In leveraging the landscape

Our Partners

Committed to quality learning experiences. REDi partners with “big picture” school districts, schools, policymakers, non‑profit and community organizations, as well as workforce industries. Our partners are committed to developing systems of education that reflect the evolution of learning and its connection to the world of work today and in the future.  We hold a mutual understanding that the use of evidence‑based practice and technology prepares students now for the challenges they will face in the future.

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We are REDi to partner with your team. Together we can evolve systems of education designed to keep pace with a changing world and today’s student!